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Dedicated to the preservation of McLeod Plantation


How do you collect 10,000 artifacts from one place? It takes a long time and lots of trouble, especially to clean and identify each piece. We're delighted that one of our members was a special friend to Mr. Willie McLeod for many years. Mr. Willie called him every time a field was being plowed, and he was delighted by what the friend found. The friend would carefully clean each piece, and research the source, and then store the artifacts away. Now he's allowed us to see and photograph some of the pieces.

We will add new photos frequently, so visit often. Every one of the artifacts came from McLeod Plantation. This map, dated September 1, 2006, was sent by Dr. Orth, Mr. Willie's friend who collected the artifacts. To the best of his knowledge, he has identified burial sites that are still there. The red areas are marked as Native American grave sites, and the blue marks designate black and white burial grounds. Click the image to see a larger version.

This treasure of a place should not be built upon or be disturbed. Now YOU know why.

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